“Sentia’s president, William Wheelan, tailored his teaching to each of my children’s dramatically different learning styles while preparing them for the SAT and SAT Subject Tests. In both cases the results were spectacular. After the testing, William stayed on to guide our family through the college application process. William and the Sentia team were able to eliminate much of the stress from what can be a grueling time in a both a parent's and teenager’s life.”


“William tutored our son for his SATs. He engaged with him on both a professional and personal level: building trust and connecting with him in such a way that he was able to draw out his goals and aspirations to focus his mind and energy on achieving the outcomes he was seeking. William's motivational, coaching and technical skills were impressive; especially given that our son's tutoring was done via an online connection to the UK!”


"If you have the kind of self-motivated teenager who will sit down by herself and do practice SAT tests without prodding, you don't need the help of Sentia. If, on the other hand, your child is like most, you'll be delighted watching the hours your student spends doing something you want her to do. Our daughter developed a rapport with her tutor, Rose, and actually looked forward to their sessions yielding spectacular results!"


"Sentia supports my family by providing instruction that allows my son to exceed and excel to his academic potential."


"My Sentia tutor was absolutely fantastic. Not only was she an obvious expert on the material, but she took a vested, personal interest in my daughter's academic success. I can't imagine navigating through this difficult time without her. I would use and recommend Sentia to any one looking to take the stress out of the ACT."


"My son was on the brink of failing math and our family knew that we had to take charge. In just a matter of two sessions with Sentia, my son's teacher told us she saw drastic, positive change both in his skill set and behavior in the class room. Our Sentia tutor motivated our son to truly take pride in his academic work."


"Our daughter Kate was absolutely dreading SAT preparation and I was concerned that she wouldn't stick with it. Sentia matched Kate with a tutor who shared her passion for dance and I could tell that the instant personality click would make the SAT process far less painful. Sentia took the time to consider the personal needs of my child and that made a world of difference both in Kate's test result and her outlook on the process."


"When we started to look for an SAT tutor for our son we first signed up with a company many of our friends had used. They encouraged us to sign up for double length sessions with a tutor twice each week. The fees were astronomical and our son didn't seem to be getting much out of it. When we switched to Sentia, everything changed. To have an advocate like the team at Sentia truly made all the difference in the world for our family."


"Working with William took the stress and guesswork out of my daughter's entire college acceptance process. Not only was his help and guidance invaluable, but we were thrilled when she got accepted to her first choice school! I would highly recommend Sentia to all those families who need help with navigating their way around the daunting task of applying to colleges."