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The teacher could see through the student’s feigned cough, sniffles, and sneezes and came to the correct conclusion that the so-called illness was nothing more than ______ to get more time to complete the project.

(A) an avowal
(B) an entreaty
(C) a lummox
(D) a ploy
(E) an enigma

The correct answer is D

Explanation: To find the missing word, try to predict its meaning by using keywords in the sentence. Here, the keywords are “feigned coughs, sniffles, and sneezes” and “came to the correct conclusion.” The prompt establishes a cause-and-effect relationship between what the student did and what the teacher concluded he or she was doing “to get more time.” Thus, the feigned and “so-called illness” was just a trick to try to get the teacher to give the student an extension, meaning the missing word most likely is synonymous with a trick. Choice D is correct, then: “a ploy” is “a cunning plan or trick designed to turn a situation to one’s own advantage.”

None of the other choices work, either:
avowal: a confession or admission
entreaty: a humble or sincere request
lummox: a clumsy, stupid person
enigma: a thing that is mysterious or difficult to understand

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