SSAT/ISEE Preparation

The SSAT and the ISEE are the most commonly used tests for admissions to many of today’s top boarding and private schools. Both tests can be administered at the Upper Level, Middle, or Lower Level depending on the student’s age and their intended matriculation date.

After taking a diagnostic exam, a Sentia specialist will choose a tutor tailored to suit the goals and needs of your child. Your Sentia tutor will determine content areas of applied focus based upon gaps in current academic curricula. As your child becomes confident with the concepts tested on the SSAT or ISEE, tutors will introduce specific test-taking strategies to master each portion of the exam and ensure a favorable outcome on test day.

SSAT and ISEE preparation relies on three central components:

  • Weekly meetings
  • Assigned independent work
  • Timed practice tests.

All of these elements come together to create the Sentia experience – sessions that are rigorous, inspiring, and fun.