LSAT Preparation

LAST preparation begins with a diagnostic exam to measure the student’s current testing strengths and weaknesses. The exam results are then reviewed by our analysts and a customized education plan is created for the student.

The student then begins an intensive tutorial process that includes learning the skills necessary for outstanding performance on each of the three types of questions found on the exam:

  • Analytical Reasoning
    Diagramming techniques are mastered to speed performance and accuracy in this uniquely challenging section.
  • Logical Reasoning
    Students are taught to identify “assumption gaps” as the cornerstone to mastering each and every question in the Logical Reasoning sections.
  • Reading Comprehension
    Sentia’s finely-tuned techniques allow the student to quickly master the most commonly tested question types, including those requiring a comparison of two different passages.

While most preparation companies dismiss the writing sample as meaningless, law school admissions officers are increasingly using the writing sample to choose between two similar candidates. Additionally, some admissions officers compare a candidate’s LSAT writing sample with his or her submitted personal statement to check for obvious discrepancies in grammar, syntax, and style. For these reasons, Sentia’s clients are advised on the specific ways in which to construct a thoughtful, well-structured response to the given prompt in only 35 minutes.

While each student’s educational plan is customized, as a general rule of thumb most students devote approximately 16 weeks to their LSAT preparation. Students can work with our instructors in person in New York or via videoconference from anywhere in the world.