General Academic Tutoring

Students struggling with a challenging subject can count on Sentia tutors not only to bring them up to speed, but also to teach core study skills that will enable them to excel in the future.

Sentia tutors are graduates from top universities, qualified to instruct any level of a given subject. Whether you are the parent of a third-grader seeking supplemental instruction in reading or a college student struggling with your senior thesis, our tutors offer guidance that guarantees your or your child’s academic success.

General Academic Tutoring consists of four central components:

  • Swift and careful diagnosis of gaps in basic knowledge, breakdowns in understanding, and other obstacles to a student's success
  • Essential training in time-management, organization, and study skills
  • Clear, step-by-step instruction adjusted to fit the pace of a student’s comprehension
  • Assistance with crafting a road map to complete projects and essays or prepare for tests

In addition, Sentia tutors communicate regularly with teachers and parents to ensure that progress in session translates to success in the classroom and in independent work undertaken at home.

Students can work with our instructors in person in New York or via videoconference from anywhere in the world.