ACT Preparation

After taking a diagnostic exam, students will begin work with a Sentia tutor or tutors to learn the content-based knowledge necessary to excel on the ACT. As your child becomes familiar with the concepts tested on the ACT, tutors will introduce specific test-taking strategies to master each portion of the exam, using proprietary exercises to teach skill sets requiring improvement.

ACT preparation relies on three central components:

  • Weekly meetings
  • Assigned independent work
  • Timed practice tests.

Targeted, short drills reinforce concepts as they are taught, cementing knowledge and technique. Commonly tested question types are categorized and scrutinized to keep pace with changes on the test from administration to administration. Diagnostic tests are analyzed in depth to formulate strategies for upcoming sessions before they commence.

All of these elements come together to create the Sentia experience – sessions that are rigorous, inspiring, and fun.

Our students consistently realize breathtaking results that shatter previous misconceptions about academic limitations, providing inspiration and confidence that will encourage your child to excel at each and every task he or she encounters.