Featured Tutor - Eduardo Villalta


Eduardo specializes in tutoring for a variety of standardized tests including the SAT, ACT, LSAT, SAT II history (world and US) and literature, AP history, AP Literature, and Spanish, as well as academic tutoring for collegiate level literature and history (European, world, and US).

Several of the high school students Eduardo has worked with have matriculated at Ivy League colleges and universities while a number of his LSAT students have attended top 5 JD programs including NYU and Columbia Law. Eduardo has tutored students across the U.S., as well as international students from China to Australia, Brazil to Dubai, and several European countries. He has had multi-year relationships with numerous students but also accepts projects on a short-term or need basis.


Why Does Eduardo Tutor?

Eduardo enjoys sharing his passion for the concepts included on standardized tests and various academic subjects — whether it be formal logic or 19th century cultural history — and observing the transformation that occurs when a student gains both proficiency in a subject. 

When working with students, Eduardo’s goal is to always hit a student’s target score or grade for a given exam, class, or project.  However, it is equally important for him to cultivate critical thinking skills that will be applicable well beyond the current project. He ascribes particular importance to improving a student’s writing skills, since this, in turn, refines their thinking and communication of their original ideas.

To motivate his students, Eduardo takes great effort to explain the relevance of contemporary issues and find connections to shared experience.  These two approaches encourage students who might otherwise lack the requisite motivation.

He also feels that it is both necessary and enriching to place himself in the shoes of students when gauging their progress or assessing their scheduling responsibilities. When possible, Eduardo happily invites input and commentary from parents on all aspects of the tutoring process.

Eduardo loves the subject matter that he teaches and particularly enjoys tutoring one-on-one, where he is directly involved in the instruction and application of the material. His interests have always extended beyond a single academic area, and the breadth of his experience and knowledge allows Eduardo to tutor a wide range of coursework and test prep. 


Fun Facts:

When he’s not tutoring, Eduardo writes and plays music. He has a record collection that includes over a thousand vinyl LPs and EPs.

During high school and college, he played multiple sports and ran cross-country.