28 Feb 2012

SAT Score Choice: What is it, and how do I sign up?

What is SAT Score Choice?

SAT Score Choice is a free service that allows students to select which SAT scores they send to colleges. Each time a student takes the SAT, the scores for each test are kept as separate records. If a student sits for a test more than once, he/she can use Score Choice to decide which scores colleges see.

Note: Selecting Score Choice means that colleges will see all section scores (Math, Critical Reading, and Writing) from a given administration. Score Choice does NOT allow students to select & send only their highest sections from multiple tests.

What are the benefits of using SAT Score Choice? 

SAT Score Choice was designed to reduce performance anxiety and exam-day stress. Let’s say Benny took the SAT in January, May, and June, but bombed the May administration. With Score Choice, Benny can send only the scores from January and June–effectively sweeping May’s shortcomings beneath the proverbial rug. If you’re someone who tends to choke under pressure, Score Choice may be a good option because it means that one bad test won’t scar your college application. With this in mind, you can relax on test day and focus on the exam, instead of worrying about how you’re doing.

What do colleges think of Score Choice? 

Some colleges don’t mind it, while others prefer to see every one of a student’s test scores. Please refer to pages 5-39 of this official College Board document to see where your top choice college stands.

The College Board does not notify schools if a student is using score choice, so it’s up to each student whether he/she wants to comply with a college’s requirements. Students should be cognizant, however, that including your high school code when registering for the SAT means your guidance counselor will gain access to all of your scores. Thus, colleges that don’t endorse score choice can contact high school officials to find out if a student reported all required scores.

How do I sign up for Score Choice?

As long as you didn’t sign up to automatically send scores to colleges when you registered for the SAT, you will be able to use Score Choice. It is important to note that you can only use Score Choice AFTER your SAT results become available online. This means that you will need to pay for each score report sent to colleges.

To use Score Choice:
1. Head to: http://sat.collegeboard.org/home
2. Log into your account using the “My Organizer” box on the left side of the page
3. Click the “SAT Scores” tab
4. You will see something that resembles this:
1/28/12: Available
Sent to: 0 Recipients <– hit this link!
5. Retype your password for the security check
6. Click the “Send Available Scores Now” link under the “My Scores” section of the page.
7. A pop-up will appear. Hit “Send Additional Score Reports”
8. Enter the name of the college and any additional information, then press “Continue”
9. In the page that follows, click “Choose Scores” to activate Score Choice.
10. Check the boxes next to the scores you want to send. Press continue.
11. Enter payment information. You’re done!

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